Providing Quality Legal Services For More Than 30 Years
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Providing Quality Legal Services For More Than 30 Years

A Law Firm Dedicated To Affordability

Our Practice Areas

Offering Affordable Legal Solutions

We offer affordable legal solutions in a variety of areas.

Providing Family Law

We provide cost-effective family law solutions to Minnesota residents.

Helping You Overcome Financial Struggles

Our attorney can help you find relief from overwhelming debt.

Experience, Quality and Affordability

Our firm offers a wide range of affordable legal services delivered by an experienced attorney.

Finding Solutions To Your Family Law Problems

We understand the toll family law problems take on individuals and families. This understanding is part of the reason why we work so hard to ensure our services are available to all of the residents of the Twin Cities, regardless of their financial situations.

Whether your problem is due to a failed marriage, a child custody matter, a paternity question or another issue in the realm of family law, you can turn to our law firm for help. We will take the time to understand your need and create a cost structure that fits your financial situation.

Helping You Find Debt Relief

The recent recession took its toll on countless Minnesota residents, leaving many with few hopes for their financial futures. At Carter Legal Services, P.A., our job is to help you overcome your current situation by guiding you toward debt relief via the bankruptcy process.

We know that many people see bankruptcy as something to avoid and even as a sign of failure. However, bankruptcy is not either; it is a right all Americans have when financial struggles become overwhelming.

Instead of letting your finances control your life, take control of your finances by pursuing debt relief with our help.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.